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Who will be the next to lead your organization to success?

Too often, organizations face a change in leadership without a clear plan to support succession. We get it — business succession is complex, and navigating family interests, key employees and executives, branding, and business legacy can be a challenge.

That’s why we created free toolkits for buyers and sellers to help simplify your succession planning.

These free tools will help you ensure all financial and legal concerns are in order and key team members are prepared for the succession process.

Seller’s Toolkit

Designed to help you plan for the future, maximize your proceeds, protect your legacy, and ensure a smooth transition.

• Seller’s Self-Assessment
SMART Goal Planning
• Succession Self-Assessment Checklist
• Determining Your Team
• Succession Planning Team
• Leadership Profile
• Successor Evaluation Template
• Management Planning
• Key Questions for Transitioning Checklist

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Buyer’s Toolkit

Designed to help you navigate the buying process, including the research, planning, transaction, and transition.

• Buyer’s Self-Assessment
• Setting Your Goals and Target
• Acquisition Proposal Template
• Criteria Scorecard
• Questions to Ask When Buying a Business
• First Meeting Checklist
• Due Diligence Checklist
• Integration Plan Template

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In Canada, only 9% of small to medium-sized business owners have a formal succession plan. 

With 46% of entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada looking to exit their business in the next five years, succession planning is critical.

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